security light

Lichtkegel / light cone
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Since 2002, the street and sidewalk in front of the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts have been permanently closed off by the police as a means of protecting the US Consulate General opposite the Academy. Only a small footpath was left for students and faculty to enter the building, under constant police observation.

On the occasion of the annual Academy show, this performance reversed the setting. A strong follow spot was installed on a balcony of the Academy, its light cone constantly moving and thereby simulating permanent surveillance of the area in front of the building. The consulate, its security patrols, police, and visitors were all equally subject to this reversed observation.

Yet being focused on by a spotlight also implies being at the center of public attention. Both students and prominent visitors of the Academy usually enjoy being in the limelight on this prestigious occasion. Yet did they enjoy being followed and exposed by a cone of light, or did they feel like escaping to the art world inside the Academy building as quickly as possible?