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Galerieraum nach der Schließung - Öffnung eines alten Fensters / gallery space after closing Jan Stradtmann
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A co-operative work by Daniel Schörnig (room lighting) and Bertram Haude (hardwood floor), realized in the gallery of the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts.

The installation was devised after the gallery space had been closed for the renovation of this crucial and special location within the academy. The exhibition's subject was the room itself. The mosaic hardwood flooring was disassembled, its staves cleaned and laid back out on the floor, but loosely and disconnected. Although visitors did not realize the change at first, walking across the floor was a strange experience. The formerly firm ground had become unsteady and made noises when walking on it.

The project (title) also refers to the modification of this room over time. Located within the academy building like the sanctum in antique temple architecture (image 6), it was originally lit by large skylights. Yet eventually the windows were blocked (first image), making the room feel more like an underground bomb shelter today (image 5).