The Gorbitz Treasure

Dresden - Gorbitz
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Gorbitz is a large-scale GDR housing development in the south east of Dresden. The city of Dresden wants to improve its quality of living and the reputation of the neighborhood and invited artists to contribute their ideas to the urban renewal programme „Social City“. My entry is entitled „The Gorbitz Treasure“:

The competition’s budget of 35,000 EUR will be spent on acquiring a fine silver treasure for Gorbitz.

This treasure will then be hidden somewhere in the neighborhood. 2000 pieces of cloth with a code stitched on them will be handed out in Gorbitz, and the collected 75% of these code cloths together will reveal the location of the hidden treasure. If the Gorbitzers will not manage to discover the treasure, it will remain hidden and become a legend for the hitherto blank pages of Gorbitz’s history. Its residents are called upon to collaborate and team up to find the treasure, and to negotiate, if found, what to do with it.